• Paula Thompson

Tanglewood Trailers New Home!

Welcome to our new home, located in beautiful Palmer Lake Colorado! We are on Highway 105 in the Illumination Point Center, unit 626.

Yes, we have a shop dog who doubles as official greeter, his bark is loud but don't let that scare you, just come into the store and all he wants to do is get some petting. If you don't care for dogs then no worries, he gets plenty of love from us!


Meet the Team:

Mark Thompson: MBA; Navy Veteran; Combat Veteran (Iraq); over 30 years experience welding, engine repair, Corporate business ( Cummins Diesel, Cummins Marine, Mercury Marine), small business owner.

Paula Thompson: Part Time Tanglewood Trailers-social media manager, office/sales. Works full time as an Educational Interpreter for Cherry Creek School District.

Brittany King- Full Time Tanglewood Trailers; office, sales, marketing, all around shop specialist.

Braeden McCrory- Part Time- expert welder/fabricator. Always has a smile on his face!

Tuff-shop dog and official greeter. Don't worry, he can control is licker!

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